Commoner Valentines Day Gift Guide

1.) Conversation Hearts (Transfer only • L$25 / gacha play)
Just in time for Valentines Day, Commoner brings you Conversation Hearts! Each candy heart rests on a sculpted tongue that automatically opens your avatar’s mouth when attached. They come in 5 different colors and there’s 50 hearts to collect, each with its own message. Some messages are sweet, some are bitter and some are naughty. (Available in-store only.)

2.) Plushie / James (Transfer only • L$250)
Styled up for Valentines Day, this miniature teddy bear sports heart-shaped glasses and a funky, festive scarf. He’s super fuzzy and fits in the palm of your hand. What’s not to love? (Limited edition item; Just 12 remain on Marketplace.)

3.) “Fantasy Love…” Framed Art (Modify, Transfer; No Copy • L$)
Andy Warhol profoundly inspired the world through his extraordinary artistic vision and innovation, as well as astute insights that have resonated far beyond his time. Here, we find his quote on “fantasy love” versus “reality love” set in a wooden box frame, ready to hang or prop against the wall. (Available in-store only.)

4.) A Boxed Dozen / Red Rose Medley (Modify, Transfer; No Copy • L$150)
A medley of red roses, boxed in corrugated cardboard. A red ribbon wraps around the box’s lid, where a small tag hangs and reads, “Happy Valentines Day” in an antique typewriter font. (Available in-store or on Marketplace.)

Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolate Pralines (Modify, Transfer; No Copy • L$150)
A collection of chocolate pralines in a heart-shaped box made of corrugated cardboard. The word “Love” is boldly painted on the box’s lid, while the bottom part of the box is lined with red plastic and red and white-striped tissue paper. When you click the box, you’re given a random piece of chocolate, each in its own foil cup.(Available in-store or on Marketplace.)

5.) “Hanging By A Thread” Picture Frame (Modify, Transfer; No Copy • L$100)
The perfect way to display your favorite snapshots, while enjoying the uniqueness of Polaroids; A wall-mounted album, showcasing six of your insta-memories. (Available in-store or on Marketplace.)

6.) Monogram Marquee Lights (Modify, Transfer; No Copy • L$25 / gacha play)
With a weathered red finish, these marquee fixtures add light and vintage-inspired charm to any room. Hang them on your walls, set them on a shelf… The possibilities are endless! (Available in-store only.)