For problems concerning transactions, drop Emery Milneaux a notecard with your name and transaction history, detailing your issue. (Transaction history can be found at: Before passing a notecard, please review Commoner’s store policies below:

Refunds won’t be offered, except in the case of duplicate purchases of copiable items. (Duplicate purchases are defined as accidentally purchasing the same product two or more times simultaneously.)

Items lost or damaged due to glitches in Second Life servers or viewers may be replaced at Commoner’s discretion. Note: Alts aren’t eligible to receive copies of any products they’ve previously purchased on their main account.

Blogger review copies:
Review copies are sent to a list of bloggers as new items are released. If you’d like to be added to Commoner’s blogger list, pass Emery Milneaux a notecard with your name and your blog’s URL.

Please allow 24 hours upon receipt of your notecard, to review and properly address your issue.